My names Katy, welcome to my blog. It took me literally 6 months to write this first post because I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. Or what I actually could write about without getting fucking bored.

I thought about; beauty and fashion, maybe some lifestyle but nothing seemed to fit. Instead I thought I would blog about something that I know a little something about. Sex.

You heard it here ladies and gentlemen, this is a sex blog.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a porn site or somewhere where you finally learn how to locate a clit, instead this will focus on the in’s and out’s of sex in your life.

Mwhahah! That was fucking brilliant.

We are going to be looking at protection, stds, turn ons, dating, boys, girls and all that lovely stuff.

So settle up lads this is gunna be a bumpy ride 😉



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