5 Things I have learnt about Sex from being a Ginger

What I have learnt about sex as a ginger

So I’m ginger, it’s natural, I’ve been blessed by genetics. And it’s great, I LOVE being ginger, but as I’ve gotten older and past the bullying stage, I’ve realised what a massive part it plays in the dating game. So here are some things I have learnt!

1.People think Gingers are whores

Whenever I meet someone, in a bar, on tinder, on the dance floor, they tend to make the assumption that we are kinky as fuck and are up for anything. I guess I don’t really help the stereotype but it’s so annoying. I can’t tell you how many times I have had the “oh your ginger, bet you’re up for anything” line (or something to that affect). It literally means that when I’m out, I know guys only wanna get with me, not actually to talk or flirt. They just wanna know what I’m up for. Pleasant right?

2. It’s the only compliment you’ll ever get

It doesn’t matter where I am, who I’m with or how bomb I look. It’s always about the hair. Some girls get the tits or ass compliment, I only ever get the hair. “It’s so different” “it’s so magical” “wow is it real” “it’s so unique” you know what isn’t unique? THAT COMPLIMENT! I KNOW HOW MAGICAL MY GODDAMN HAIR IS OK?! But hey I’m still gunna take the compliment cause I love compliments.

3. The fetish is real

If you had told me 8 years ago when I was bitterly bullied about the colour of my hair, that gingers were actually a fetish. There’s no way in hell I would have believed you! But it’s so true “I’ve never been with a ginger” is something I hear every time I get chatted up. Only 2% of the world population is ginger, so I can imagine that you probably never have been with a ginger, but you won’t be getting with me sunshine #standards.

4.Be careful in the bedroom

Now this sounds like such sound advice for anyone who likes to get kinky in the bedroom. But hey be careful. We bruise so easily, I can’t get a little neck action without my body thinking I have had a blood sucking hickey. Those bruises last for days I swear. Also we tend to experience pain a lot easier than others, so hard core spanking is out of the question (well sometimes I just suck it up but, ya know). I have had Guys play it way to safe though as they know gingers are “delicate” and I can tell you that, that is a right old mood killer my right. It takes a balance and being really honest with partner about how much pain your ok with before you literally can’t take it anymore. Again another example of why code words are such a blessing in disguise!

5.You’ll actually meet a ginger fan-boy/girl

So this has happened to me twice, and I can you that I have run a mile each time. One day you’ll meet someone who knows that scientifically gingers have sex more regularly than people with any other hair colour AND that gingers have 41% chance of reaching orgasm. When you find this person who knows this, and you will, they may automatically assume that therefore, you MUST have sex with them. Because that makes logically sense right?! NO IT DOESNT. If/when you meet this person, run a mile and kick him in the balls! Unless your attracted to their amount of knowledge on your hair, then crack on my friend, crack on.

So there you go, the top things I have learnt about sex from a gingers point of view, Or maybe you’re not ginger yourself but you’re guilty of doing these things 😉 gingers notice. If there’s anything you wanna add comment below so I can see what you’ve learnt?



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